Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boxing Day

I'm quite obsessed with houses. I've been doodling them since my childhood and seeing a little house, a toy... a well done birdhouse... always makes me smile.
These are gift boxes I made from recycled shipping boxes. I snatched the idea from a recent Craft: magazine and ran with it. (I just can't keep it simple apparently!)
This was a grocery box that was pretty much covered with writing, so I covered it in choice papers and vintage scrap for my mom, who loves Victorian and old-fashioned looking things.
This was for my sister and we tucked Asian-themed gifties inside. I used various recycled scraps - the roof is made from heavy weight paper ads from a graphics magazine.
My personal challenge in making these was letting go of perfection. I really like tidy edges and symmetrical things, but using packing boxes doesn't allow for that. Plus, it's hard to get better as you go as each box is different and things glue differently to them, they cut differently, and so on. So, wabi sabi, right?

I hope the boxes go on to find another life in their new homes or even travel on as gifts to other people. I like thinking about them on little journeys into the future.


bwichmann said...

As the recipient of one of your wonderful boxes, I don't know if I can pass it on. The Asian theme is so me that it may not want to leave my side. Thanks again for the great gift.

carolsue said...

I love my box too (and I got mine first! hahahaha). I think I'll keep mine around for awhile, but I love the idea of sending it on its own little journey. I'll know when it's ready to leave and the to whom (who?) it should go. Keep inspiring us!

Paczki said...

I didn't happen to get a box for Christmas ;(
BUT - they are really awesome
9 months till my birthday...

ArtSparker said...

What a lovely form of packaging, they only need wheels to be gypsy caravans.

julia said...

Those boxes look great, I don't know what you are talking about with imperfection! Those are awesome.