Friday, August 22, 2008

Lady of the Sea

I can't think of a better way to begin than
 to talk about failure and disappointment. And this is coming from an optimist!

I've included an example of one of my recent disappointments 
- let's call her lady of the sea. This is a great example of having a vision in my head that my hands can't seem to translate. Every layer I added seemed to render it more contrived and graceless. 

I wanted to love her, this lady of the sea. She was supposed to be dreamy and royal. I wanted her to impart an anointed saintliness to the mysteries below. Instead, she lives in the corner of my studio, waiting to be finished and reminding me that you have to just dive in sometimes and start creating. And let go of the outcome. 

I'll finish her some day, or morph her into something else. I'm a big fan of recycling and reusing, so she'll have her day! 


Paczki said...

The artist is her toughest critic!
I can feel the depth of the ocean and the mysteries hidden below the water
I wonder what she longs for, is it above or below the surface?
Perhaps it's lobster?
Keep posting for us to enjoy!

bwichmann said...

Yes, lobster...that's it, I'll bet. I see the mystery...I hear the waves...I wish I had that babe's hair!

Keep up the good work

Dan said...

I think she's pretty lovely!