Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Personal Inspiration

I'm trying to find the inspiration in the everyday. It becomes too easy to look at other's artwork and think, "Gee, that's cool" then to realize that everything you create after it is derivative of the style you just looked at. 

So on a recent trip, I tried to take photos of things that captured my imagination. It made for an interesting vacation album!

I loved the colors and patterns of this storefront. In general, I love color, yet oddly I find that I lean towards using very subdued colors in my work. What struck me about this store was that appeared to have sprouted like a crazy bouquet on street filled w/ historic brick buildings. 

Hmmm...Maybe this photo was more about me and how I feel (I'm a crazy bouquet sprouted in a sea of brown and navy blue) than what I like to look at... but that's the heart of art isn't it? The feeling behind the images and colors...


Keisha said...

HEY!! Love the website!!

ArtSparker said...

I am new to blogging this mo. also. First, let me presume on the acquaintance by chiding you for thinking work that incorporates what you have seen in other work is "derivative"- it's all synthesis and learning. I think the Lady from the Sea is well composed and much more interesting than the typical "girly" treatment of the 19th century photo with wings stuck in the middle with doilies and pearls etc. But, if you're not happy with the richly textured surface (and the elements are possibly TOO balanced), try imposing some artificial restrictions - limit yourself to black and white ephemera with one color of acrylic paint, whatever boundaries you choose - and try a series of three or so. I like your work.

Cricket said...

I wanted to thank you for you helpful words and ideas, and to say how much I've enjoyed YOUR work and blog. I love your use of color and white space - the lines and cleanliness of your illustrations. Lovely!