Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's good to finish something! - Part two

Ah, the piano hinge book. I love this book. The Tyvek paper has the sexiest hand feel and the hinge construction, while persnickety, was fairly straightforward once you understood how it all fit together.

I had no idea how I would finish this since - and you'll pardon the pun - the landscapes we did were so alien.

So it sat on my studio table until I was inspired by an article I read in a science magazine about Saturn's moons and in particular, Enceladus.

For those science geeks out there, here's the brief summary I came up with for the back flap:

Saturn's rings just may hold the mystery of life in the outer regions of our solar system, and some the tiniest voyagers capture the imagination.

Enceladus, one of Saturn's smallest moons at only 300 miles in diameter is a shimmering jewel reflecting almost all of the sunlight that hits it. And it's an active beauty with geysers and plumes erupting. Asrtobiologists believe these are caused by liquid water below the surface.

Along with geologic activity and the presence of water, it is believed that life forms may be present. Not oxygen supported life, but the types of organisms, or extremophiles, that may thrive on energy sources like radioactive decay - similar to life forms that have been found deep inside our planet.


Jill Berry said...

this was the perfect solution for this book. Isn't that amazing when that happens? And you used so many fifty cent words, impressed the heck out of me! Very glad to see this, again. And, I learned something!

Kim Rae Nugent said...

The verse goes perfectly with your page backgrounds. Very impressive! Thank you for sharing!

Dan said...

Great piece, Lisa! I made a short art book about favorite planets. Saturn was one of them! This also makes me think of my tribute to our friend Pluto.